Foodaholic recovered



Ice cream used to be my everything ....

I suffered from binge eating and bulimia for over 20 year.

How did it start? I don´t know - slowly like poison did these horrbile binge attacks come into my life. There was no warning, no incident, nothing. And all of the sudden I was in the middle of a circle that I could not control anymore. I lost everything, friends, family connection, self esteem, joy, happiness and in the end myself.

I was so desperate and thought I could never come out of this dead end road. I lived for food from the time I got up to the time I went to bed. i didn´t leave the house anymore, I didn´t smile anymore, i couldn´t listen to people when they were talking, I couldn´t do my job and I forgot how to love, how to open up to other people and to be a good friend - not only to others but also most imprtantly to myself.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to end it, when I didn´t see any more reason to keep living, to be here on this planet. I was so desperate.

But out of this very dark moments I managed to break free from addiction, from the longing and craving for food and even more food. I managed to get me out of this dark, dark plant and to live a happy live again, to be present, to have great friendships and a loving relation ship with a great man and to my family. I managed to find joy again and to simply love and lough.

What I could do - you can too!

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What i could make happen you can too
Life is a game - play it or you loose....